Anyone ditch the sub after large speaker purchase?

I am about to kick the subs to the curb. Having recently acquired a pair of custom made Classic Audio Loudspeakers T1.5 reference, they provide me with enough deep and articulate bass that I don’t even bother with using subs anymore. I mean prodigious amounts of bass...not the bass that is just heard, but also felt, even in the rear listening chairs at the back of the room, which is almost 30 feet away. It feels like I have subs with these new speakers.

Yeah, it’s when playing loud that the rear end of the room is so vigorously energized...and not because of nasty room acoustic anomalies, the seats pick up the pressurized air due to the room being pressurized with 300 tube watts per channel driving highly efficient field coil horn speakers with 18 inch downward firing bass driver and 15 inch forward firing bass driver.

In almost 25 years of sub use and integration with various systems, I find that my newly customized room designed around the principals of room mode mitigation, noise abatement, and damping resonances based on my experience in building secure sound proof spaces, has paid off.

There is nothing like playing music at low levels or loud levels with clarity and preciseness in bass when the stars are aligned and that is why I don’t feel the need for subs anymore. My bass is so awesome with these large almost 400 pound speakers and my amps enjoy driving them to room shaking levels if I played loud enough. Of course, the room investment itself was a considerable factor in my positive listening experience which at Its core is concrete all the way around except the ceiling.

When I stream music, I have to actually turn down the bass of the audio settings in my streamers audio settings. When playing vinyl, the bass goes so deep that I felt as if the subs were on, when in fact, they are not. I am tired or messing around with measurements and dialing in subs for now. It’s not needed and I see why people with large speakers don’t have subs. Perhaps, later on in this audio journey, I might experiment with some type of bass resonators, but I ask myself why? I have all what I need and am not missing anything in terms of bass.

Anyone else ditch the subs after large speaker purchase? What’s been your experiences?
I've never felt the need for a sub with my IMF TLS-80's, which I got in the ...80's..., and still have.  Anything newer seems to want a sub.  This seems very much correlated to cabinet size!  WAF and home theater seem to favor subs, and the low frequency effects of modern music and sound effects likes a sub, or two, or more.
I recently purchased Focal Kanta 3 floor standing speakers. For 2 channel stereo I don't find any need for a sub woofer. I do use it when watching movies since I use the same speakers for a 5.1 system just different amps. Room size might matter thou. 
@raysmtb1 - "I think 12 inch woofers were ditched to sell more subwoofers and make shipping easier."

No.  I think it was because materials at that time were not stiff enough to prevent cone distortion.  I remember 15 inch drivers in guitar amps.  Boy did they distort when used hard!

Now we have modern hi-tech materials that are piston stiff, we could go back to 12 inchers and move more air but no-one's thought of it yet.
@douglas_schroeder --

I make systems with varying numbers of 15" woofers, from none, to one dozen. Yes, that's right, one dozen 15" woofers. There are fundamental things that happen with LOTS of cone surface that simply cannot happen with less cone surface. The sheer EASE of many big bass drivers is unparalleled, and I DO mean Unparalleled.

Absolutely agree. Which frequency region would you be using 15" woofers, predominantly? I find they're great in the very important "power region" in particular, i.e.: ~100-800Hz, and when high-passed no lower than 80-ish Hz to subs there's significantly added headroom, sense of ease and a cleaner (lower to central) midrange as well. My main speakers sport 2 x 15" parallel coupled high eff. woofers per cab playing from ~85 to almost 800Hz and run actively with no passive XO's. It's a sonic treat for sure.