Anyone drive Magnepans with a B&K

I want to get myself a pair of Maggie's. However, I have a B&K ST140 amp, about 16 years old and I'm a bit worried about it's ability to drive the speakers. I was hoping that there are MMG owners out there with some advice for me.
That was one of my very first combinations in the mid 80's: A BK EX-140 (dual-mono version of your amp) with a pair of Maggie SMGa speakers. It was a fine combination in small spaces and I did not want for more power. I cannot comment about using it in larger spaces as I was limited by my tiny NYC apartment for a listening room.


Make sure you have a box of extra fuses for the MMGs. I had that amp and a pair of SMGa many years ago. The amp would clip and blow fuses.
It will all depend on how loud you play & the size of the room.
Kevkey, I'm driving my Magnepan MG12QR's with a 35 watt tube amp. My room is 14' x 13' with a 14 foot ceiling. I listen to many types of music from classical to jazz, etc. Even some audiophile recordings. I'm using a Van Alstine Super PAS 3si (not the Dynaco modded pream but VA's own design) without any problems. I don't play at loud concert levels but it does play loud enough where I can't hear the phone ring or another person talking. My volume pot is at 1 o clock on most cd's to 3 o clock on phono. My system plays without strain and is very effortless. My amp is a modified Dynaco ST 70 w sound valves input board.
Everyone said it would not drive the Maggies but so far they have eaten crow on this one in amazement. My preamp only has about 18 db of gain.

As the other resonders stated it does depend on your room size and how loud you want to play it. I listen for detail and delicacy and naturalness. I get all this and some and I am very happy at the moment. I think I have a very good budget system. I'm using a Oppo 980 with a Scott Nixon Tube DAC and a Rotel 970 phono stage and I use a DB Audio 8HG moving coil phono too. I can't make my mind up on which one I like the best. My speaker cable is Kimber 4PR. Yes, the cheap stuff.
One other thing about the B&K. The B&K is 70 watts/channel amp but does not increase into 4 ohms as most other solid-state designs.....not one bit. Since the MMG is a steady 4 ohm speaker, it gave the B&K fits very easily.
I had my SMGa in a 10 by 10 room with the B&k but if your room is larger I would look into another amp.

Magnepan makes a great speaker. I recently purchased the 1.6s and Im amazed at how they sound.

Change the amp before you change speakers
Thanks everyone for your input, it now looks like I'm in the amp shopping stage. I purchased the MMG's and they should arrive in the next day or two. After reading this post and others on the subject, I may keep them boxed until I can get a new amp in here. I tend to listen to music at low levels, (small condo) but I don't won't to damage either the speakers or amp.
I saved $1000 to purchase new speakers, so I have some money left in my stereo budget:) How about some advice on NAD, Adcom, Parasound, Rotel for my amplifier. I will certainly consider used amps, but there are so many choices out there...Also, a bit down the road, suggestions for a subwoofer.
Kevykev: I am currently using a B&K ST-140 to power my MG-12's (until my Musical Concepts modded Hafler DH-500 is repaired)and it does fine as long as it's kept to a reasonable volume level. My ST-140 is the 105 wpc model.