Anyone drive Verity Audio Parsifal Encores with tubes?

I currently drive these speakers with an Ayre VX-5 twenty amplifier and while the low end is very good, I know it can be better.  Also looking to add more transparency and body to the soundstage and images.  My preamp is the very capable Ayre K-1xe.  Perhaps a more powerful solid state amp would also give me some of the aforementioned qualities so I'm open to recommendations there as well.  Just curious if tube amplifiers could drive these speakers well too.  Budget under $10K preferably.
It works very well with the Parsifals.  The bass digs deep with great control and grip. The highs and mids are beautiful, the soundstage is wide and deep, and images clearly delineated but with slightly rounded edges. The only drawback is the Pass 350.5 is a beast. Good luck with whichever amp you end up with.


If you're looking to stick with an integrated with the Otello's and want a tube like sound you might want to consider the Hybrid integrated amps from Modwright and Aesthetix.  
Years ago I drove the Parsifal Encore monitors with Atma-Sphere M60 MKII monoblocks and it was a wonderful combination. 

The Audia Flight integrated amps work well with the Otello's and is one of the amps he showed Verity with until Verity came out with their own electronics.  Paul doesn't sell or distribute them anymore so don't know where to look for them.  I bought mine from him right after I bought the Otello's.