Anyone else a big fan of Norman Grantz' Pablo Label form the 70's/80's

Some of my favorite artists while, in their twilight, still making good music for this label. I've got a decent collection but always adding more because they're always available and very reasonable.
For something completely different, try:

"Conception" Ray Pizzi
Pablo 2310 795

Ray Pizzi - Soprano, Tenor, Baassoon

Real fusion.

Oh yes! Love those Jazz recordings. Mr. Grantz has a real talent for discovering Jazz talent, making excellent records.

Happy Listening!

The pinnacle of the Pablo label for me is Joe Pass' Virtuoso. My cousin, a phenomenal guitar player in his own right played the record for me in the summer of 1976 when we had a landscaping business together. We played the record so many times that summer we could almost see through it, but neither of us grew even remotely tired of it. Returning to high school that fall, I had the opportunity to commandeer the school-wide PA system one morning and played Blues for Alican. I became a bona fide folk hero with that simple act, such was the immense power of this music.
Agree. That that might be my favorite. Included right up there is THIS Joe pass album. and THIS Peterson/Pass classic.