Anyone else evolve beyond tubes?

Over many years of owning both solid state and tube amps/pre-amps, my most recent high end system makes me question the need for tubes at all, except at the source! My Mcintosh C46 pre and MC501's driven by an MF A5 CD player into Dyn" C4's with MIT Magnum cabling produces music of great beauty and dynamic swing. I even demo'd some of the newer tube gear available for comparison...not even close. I think modern, well designed solid state gear is superior least with a tube output stage in your source!
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To each our own.

The hobby is all about our ears and our wallet.

For me there is no evolution beyond tubes. The buck stops here
I think you are de-evolving. You should listen to some high power single ended tube amps and preamps. If the amp splits the single how does it get it back together at the end??? I can't even get toothpaste back in the tube.
If tubes are bad and produce distortion, why would you want them at the front of the audio chain? I've always been a believer in GIGO.

So sending the distorted signal all the way through the audio chain and amplifying the distorted signal is "your bag"? That's great. Enjoy it.

I'm a poster child for de-evolution. I've moved to an extremely simple system (which is cool because I obviously have a simple mind). I currently run my SS CD player directly into a SET tube power amp and use single driver speakers. Talking about bass-ackwards, my CD player cost $3500, amp $1000 and speakers only $600!



I have been a tube a phile for many years, and I am a dealer for Dehavilland, Antique Sound Labs, Manley, Cayin, Cary and many others.

With that said, my main reference amplifier is an Edge NL 12.1 and when that amplifier is properly setup, yes I do use a tube preamp, a Cary, the Edge blows away any of the tube amplifiers and is both engaging and has an enourmous soundstage. I have over the years sold and listened to all the great solid state amplifiers out there, the Edge is truly amazing!