Anyone else get burned Boltz

Purchased an extension rack for one of my Boltz Racks back in November of 2022 that still has not shipped. Been having frequent emails back and forth with a Heather there who has thrown out evert excuse beside they do not have money; had employees out due to covid, supply chain issues, waiting for a part for a machine and now a machine is broke. Really bummed as I really like their product and needed to add on, but it looks as if it is not going to happen. Heather said they would reverse the charges on my credit card, but it’s been a couple weeks after the 3-5 days they said it would take. Finally contacted my card provider and they are going to do what they can but I am guessing Boltz is gone as they don’t answer the phone or return calls. I'm sure people are buying less storage media racks as most are streaming which didn't help this company. Curious if others have had a similar experience with Boltz Furniture?


Work thru your credit card and file a claim with BBB. That’s all you can do. 

I doubt I will see the charges reversed as it's been months since I first made the order and I suspect they are out of business. As far as their phones being out, that has been the issue for months not answering the phone; I think that happens when one does not pay the internet and phone bill. 

Main reason for posting is to "Warn Others" as their web site is still up and is accepting orders. Again, bummed as I liked their product, not so happy they are refusing to credit my card.

@adg101 sorry for your loss.  I ordered a pair of their CD racks about 2 1/2 years ago, they were shipped in a timely fashion.  It sounds like they are heading in the direction of closing the business.