anyone else getting phishing popups ?

Anyone else getting popups browsing in this forum? I am posting here in the cables forum because this is the place I have received this phishing popup. I have not seen them in any other forum, or website. 

My AVG stops the popup from happening, but one of my laptops on Malwarebytes does not, and the cable forum webpage becomes a fake McAfee anti virus popup (ironically) which states you are infected "click here" . I have had one before which said I won a prize also in this cable forum. 

Since I cannot post a picture of this screen shot of this fake popup I have a link to the image via dropbox if you are curious to see what this looks like

Please respond if this has also happened to you, as when I reported this to Audiogon admin they state I have been the only one to do so.

Mcafee phishing


You just missed my last post, but I am on a Macbook running Monteray 12.6.9. 

Ah, thanks for that helpful info and for sharing your experience here so we’re aware.  It takes a village. 

I never got any publicity or pop up from anywhere and from any site youtube included...

My computer not being "magic" nor wrapped in "tin foil" i concluded that Ublock Origin and Adblock work well together with Firefox on Windows.. Simple...I never owned a Mac though... 😊

My phone is a flapping small bulky one i love from 12 years ago...I dont need a fragile mini computer in my pocket, then no publicity on my prehistoric phone...I hate so much publicity i had no TV  for decades ...



No popups, just an endless stream of inappropriate lingerie and sex toy ads from TEMU on my iPhone originating with google ads. 

I’m using Safari and Brave browsers.


My Trend Micro antivirus provides an adblocker as well so I don’t get ads. Another tool I use is CrapCleaner which is free. I run that about every week or so to clean up unwanted files, cookies etc.