Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?

After watching videos and reading positive reviews I ordered a pair of Caladans. It’s been 2 weeks and I have never received an email confirmation of sale.  The charge on my cc was from Spatial Audio.  I have called and left VMs twice and also emailed Clayton’s info address. Crickets ! 

Has anyone else experienced this?  I assume he’s extremely busy but I’m getting a little anxious.



Sorry boys, my apologies.....I had indoor golf league tonight and I've got a 6:30AM flight. But I'll try to post pics

Indoor golf???  I didn’t know miniature golf had leagues.  Sorry — thanks for the pix. Very nice!!!  Love the natural wood look mucho.  

Those baffles look nice. The exposed crossover components look a bit DIY, but the quality is there, and one reason the speaker is $3k and not more.

I have a pair of walnut on order. Clayton sent me a photo of an unfinished walnut baffle. I'll see if its still in my email, but nothing much to see. Looking forward to your feedback on these in a few weeks. You should leave them running while you're gone.