Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?

After watching videos and reading positive reviews I ordered a pair of Caladans. It’s been 2 weeks and I have never received an email confirmation of sale.  The charge on my cc was from Spatial Audio.  I have called and left VMs twice and also emailed Clayton’s info address. Crickets ! 

Has anyone else experienced this?  I assume he’s extremely busy but I’m getting a little anxious.




I have been home for the last 3 of days, let them burn in for 8 hours, and started listening on Saturday. I'm about half way through my initial thoughts, and will post hopefully by tomorrow. Cliff's notes version, they are freaking awesome.....still needing for the woofers to wake up, but that's expected for 12" drivers with less than 20 hours on them.


I'm curious what speakers did you have previously and what is the rest of the system? Thanks, glad you're enjoying them!

I met Clayton at Pacific Audio Fest. He was in Spatial Audio Labs' room where they were showing off their Q6 speaker. This seems very much like a similar product although significantly less costly. I know Spatial Audio Lab has put the Q6 on pause because this product would essentially make the Q6 obsolete before it ever came to market. In any case, I thought the Q6 was a really great speaker so if this is anywhere close, it is a gonga. 


My virtual system is listed in my profile, except I do rotate cables in and out. I have an Aric Audio Motherlode XL preamp and a CODA S5.5 amp on order.....preamp arrives in about 9 weeks and the CODA will be here next week hopefully. I'll move on from the Denafrips amp and preamp at that time.

Speakers I've owned: Thiel CS 1.2s, CS 2.3s, CS 3.6s, and CS 3.7s, vintage Infinity REF Kappa 7s, and Kappa 9s, Buchardt Audio S400 MKIIs, Tannoy Autograph Mini, Proac Response D2s, 1980s Sansui that I can't remember the model.....that's probably it. Never owned an open baffle or electrostatic before.