Anyone else pairing the new AR Ref 150w/sasha?

After 2 years of searching for the right combo to upgrade my Thiel 7.2/Levinson 335... I finally selected the Sasha/Ref 150. Just installed on Friday so need 100+hours before providing feedback but I have very high Expectations.

Front end is Classe CT-SSP, Levinson 390S, Naim HDX
Just replaced my W/P 8 with Sashas. More musical less analytical.

I demoed them with the ARC 150 and it sounded great. Very musical with great dimension and extension at reasonable volumes. But if you like higher volume with a powerful low end, you may want to consider more power. During my demo, I played a Ref Rec CD, Jazz Kaleidoscope, with very low frequency and it did choke up a little. I'm using Spectron Mono-Blocks with over 800 watts per channelin mono-block form which, to me, is a better match.

With that said, the Sashas are fantastic and I much prefer them to my W/P8s.
I made a few changes since initial install. First, the Ref 150 is awesome...and plenty capable a driving the Sasha's. I did however decide to move the 150 to my cabin paired with a ref5 SE and Wilson Duettes

I added a Ayre KX-R in front of the Classe processor and for 2channel sources. ( LP12 SE/radikal/ref phono2 SE and ARC DAC 8/ HDX) I go straight to Ayre. Ref 250s now drive the Sasha's

Both systems sound great...the 150 is currently fronted by a ref 2...ref 5SE comes on Tues.