Anyone else still loving Hales Speakers?

I am still loving my 23 year old Hales T5’s speakers. I upgraded the crossovers with good high end parts and swapped the stock tweeters to Seas Millennium tweeters. I have upgraded everything in my system over the years but I love my Hales T5’s speakers too much to trade them. Nine months ago I had my Hales looked at by a technician who matched them to each other. They were actually pretty close to matched before the work but now they are gorgeous. I will never trade or sell these speakers. They are keepers. Any other Hales owners out there still enjoying their speakers?


When you changed the tweeters, you would have had to compensate for that by changing the crossover. How did you know what to do without testing equipment?

I purchased the crossovers parts from a high end diy parts dealer online and I had a lot of input for purchasing the crossovers parts. I kept the values the same as the original crossovers but used much better parts. I had heard of a few people dropping in Seas Millennium tweeters with only adding some resistance to the tweeters. I think the technician who built my new crossovers took this in consideration. My speakers came out nice and measured correctly 23 years later. My speakers needed some minor repair but the crossovers still matched the original crossovers which I had kept and gave to the technician recently to compare with.

I am surprised that there is not that much love for these classic speakers. I suppose the fact that they rarely show up for sale says something.

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