Anyone else still loving Hales Speakers?

I am still loving my 23 year old Hales T5’s speakers. I upgraded the crossovers with good high end parts and swapped the stock tweeters to Seas Millennium tweeters. I have upgraded everything in my system over the years but I love my Hales T5’s speakers too much to trade them. Nine months ago I had my Hales looked at by a technician who matched them to each other. They were actually pretty close to matched before the work but now they are gorgeous. I will never trade or sell these speakers. They are keepers. Any other Hales owners out there still enjoying their speakers?

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I use Revelation 3’s powered by a Krell KSA-250s paired with a KRC-3 preamp using a balanced connection.  To my ears, a match made in Heaven.  I have no desire to change speakers…or really anything about my system.

I’ve upgraded everything in my system except for my Hales T5’s speakers which I had refurbished. I truly love these speakers!

wow it has been years since i heard of hales speakers discussed... very well respected in the day

very accurate, precise sound, but hard to drive, as i recall... similar to thiels but more beautiful looking

I was impressed with my Hales Sig 2's for many years, until I heard a better sounding tweeter...and the rest was history. Paul made some amazing speakers for the time, too bad he went away from the business.