Anyone else still loving Hales Speakers?

I am still loving my 23 year old Hales T5’s speakers. I upgraded the crossovers with good high end parts and swapped the stock tweeters to Seas Millennium tweeters. I have upgraded everything in my system over the years but I love my Hales T5’s speakers too much to trade them. Nine months ago I had my Hales looked at by a technician who matched them to each other. They were actually pretty close to matched before the work but now they are gorgeous. I will never trade or sell these speakers. They are keepers. Any other Hales owners out there still enjoying their speakers?


Just bought a pair of Concept 5's yesterday, and I am very pleased so far. Glad to see people talking about the brand, hoping I can learn some more about them.



Your experience sounds a lot like mine!

I find the Hales T-Center can't be beat (to my ears) at least in terms of it's smooth, natural timbre.  Also, in my system the T-Center and T1s put out enough bass that I don't feel the need for a subwoofer.

Agreed though that the T1s only go so loud before they bottom out. 

BTW, I was so taken by the Hales T-Center, and worried since they were rare and hard to find, that if mine were damaged I couldn't replace it.  So I tracked down a couple of extras!  One of them is actually the original Hales T-Centrer prototype - has no finish on it - which was used to judge all the T-Centers that went in to production.

Pulsar graphene!   I bet those sound amazing.  I've only heard the Perspective graphene briefly and it did strike me as sounding a bit better than my original Perspectives.


My Hales T5’s speakers sound amazing. They are back from repair almost a year now. I love these speakers!