Anyone ever have claims for damage with UPS?

I recently shipped some Martin Logan Aerius in their original boxes via UPS and they cracked both of the side rails on both speakers! There is some dispute whether the box and packing material meets their guidelines. They were insured, taped in four different spots with strapping tape, but the just got abused buy them. Any hints on how to deal with them? It's not over yet, but I am not hopeful.
How much was your claim? I recently got paid on a very small claim ($60) with no problems, but I suspect your claim is much larger. A few questions:

Was the packing the original factory boxes? Did UPS inspect the boxes before accepting the insurance contract? Have they told you they have made the decision to not cover the loss?

You can try hassling them more, but they are used to it. They have built in bureaucratic filters that make it impossible to find a human being who has the authority and the willingness to give you what you want.

You might have to sue them. If there is a factual dispute as to the boxes, they might be willing to settle with you.

Good luck.
I once had a claim ejected, but I fought it and won. You must prove to them that the packing wasn't the problem. Possibly going back to the manufacturer of the speakers and comparing to the original shipping method.
Good luck,
A couple of months ago I shipped a heavy tube amp about 150 miles. I thought I had sufficiently protected it with bubble wrap and popcorn. They tell me when it arrived it looked like someone had thrown it off a tall building. All of the tubes had come out of their sockets, three were shattered, and the corner of the face plate was bent. The receiver said not to bother filing a claim as UPS would just say it wasn't properly packaged. I had the carton marked FRAGIL in several places.
I recently had a sub destroyed by ups, initually they claimed it was insufficient packing, but was packed in original packing, I think this is their standard procedure, I continued to push my claim and threatened legal action, they finnally paid my claim, but not all that it was insured for, but it was enough to cover my losses, I would be very carefull about what I ship by ups or fed ex ground , and be prepared for a long fight when they destroy it, good luck
Good luck . . . . I had a package shipped via UPS that was packed by one of UPS's approved Mailboxes Etc. type places. UPS beat up the box and damaged the Rotel amp that was inside. Now they're refusing to pay the claim because the SELLER doesn't have the original invoice showing what HE paid for the amp (it was used). Apparently, what I paid for the amp, and what it was insured for, are completely irrelevant . . . .