Anyone ever have, use or hear this tube?

I always thought that the pinnacle of the ecc82/12au7 type tube was the Telefunken ecc802s. Even better than the Amperex 7316. But, I recently found out that there is an extra special designation for some ecc802's dubbed the G73R. These are supposed to be unmatched in quality and longevity, said to last 40,000+ hours! Anybody familiar with, heard or own these things??





Yes , I bought 4 of them about 7-8 years ago for $500. The seller had 5 pair, I bought 2. At that price I regret not buying all of them. I have multiple sets of Tektronix labeled Tekefunkens to compare them with , and they are dead quiet. In my Mid Fi system I can’t tell any difference in tone or soundstage Vs the Tektronix. I also have various Seimens and Amperex and they don’t come close to the Telefunkens in terms of a flat response or depth of sound. It’s sad that NOS tubes are very limited and have become unaffordable. I got back into tubes about 10 years ago after a 30 year absence and went on a tube rolling binge. For me it was such a satisfying experience experimenting with tube rolling and different types of music. 

The Apos Ray 12AU7 new production tubes are really terrific and come with a trial and a warranty. They sound better than new production Gold Lion and any of the NOS 12SU7s I have in my stash including Teles, Brimar, Radiotechnique, Mullard and more...

Apos Ray 12au7??

Never heard of them, interesting. I'll look them up. I've always exclusively used nos.

@jafox ,

I'm not sure 12bh7's are interchangeable with 12au7's in all applications.

Do you have any insight on this?

@buellrider97 ,

Man, good price!

Yeah, prices have really gone up on the more sought after tubes. Thanks for sharing your experience.

@andynotadam  I just ordered a matched pair of the Apos Ray 12au7s Will try them out in my Rogue Sphinx V3.  Was thinking of trying the Mullard 4003s as well. Not interested in the expense of NOS for this amplifier. Thanks for the rec.