Anyone ever have, use or hear this tube?

I always thought that the pinnacle of the ecc82/12au7 type tube was the Telefunken ecc802s. Even better than the Amperex 7316. But, I recently found out that there is an extra special designation for some ecc802's dubbed the G73R. These are supposed to be unmatched in quality and longevity, said to last 40,000+ hours! Anybody familiar with, heard or own these things??





@andynotadam  I just ordered a matched pair of the Apos Ray 12au7s Will try them out in my Rogue Sphinx V3.  Was thinking of trying the Mullard 4003s as well. Not interested in the expense of NOS for this amplifier. Thanks for the rec.

   @mesch, please let me know if you like them. I’ve tried about a dozen different 12AU7’s and just prefer Telefunkens. That being said Tungsram 12 AU7’s and the nos Tesla ecc82’s  ( Not JJ’s ), sound similar to Telefunkens and are considerably less. As far as nos Mullards, you either love em or dislike em, I’m the latter as they throw a veil over the music. I run a paltry Rogue RP-1 with upgraded footers, power cable and nice interconnects. It actually sounds good for having reached its limit. I’ve not played with the Sphinx , but if it’s not too bright the tubes I mentioned would probably be good. Considering it ships with JJ’s pretty much anything will be an improvement. Happy Hunting, Mike B. 

@buellrider97 Will do! It may be a while as I have not received them yet and am leaving town tomorrow for a week. 


The G73R were manufactured for medical and military applications that required zero level of noise.  The glass was specially developed to ensure RFI & EFI shielding.  The tube is superior to the ECC802S - but as always, your mileage may vary.  Also, the tube is extremely long lived, with may claiming a 40,000 hour tube!


I became aware of the Apos Ray tubes recently.

Would definitely give them a shot.

Please keep us in the loop on these.