Anyone ever swap a driver on their B&W 600 series?

Hi everyone :)

I have a pair of B&W DM605 S2 that I bought brand new 20+ years ago. Really like them, and have been happy with them over the years.

However, over the past decade +, my ears have gotten a lot better, as I compose music for a living and mix my own stuff. I still like them, but ...

They are VERY low-mid heavy. That of course, depends on what you consider ’low-mid’; here I am talking 500hz range.

With the understanding that the box (enclosure) weighs heavily on the sound (as does the room, of course), I am wondering if it might be worth it to swap a driver. It might not be worth it, but wanted to see if anyone has done this, and to what effect, if any.

Thoughts/experience will be appreciated. :)

you wouldn't need to do anything to the crossover if you use an original replacement driver.
Well, obviously I am not looking to use an original replacement driver.

So, why would I need a redesigned crossover if i swap a driver?
Unless you found a driver can give you the intended frequency response curve without modify the speaker cabinet, DIYers usually apply a Notch Filter to correct frequency response instead of swap out drivers.