Anyone Familiar with Magnan Signature Power Cords?

Have been looking at the Audio Magic Stealth as a conditioner for my system, i.e., Marantz 18EX, Thiel 1.5
(hoping to upgrade to 1.6's) with Analysis Plus Power Cord
from the receiver, and Analysis Plus Oval 12's to the
speakers, with a Sony DVP 7700 plugged into a Monster HTS1000 and PS Audio Outlets. Then I came across the
Magnan site and the Signature Power Cord which they say
can also function as a line conditioner. Have not been
able to find any info on this particular power cord used
as a conditioner. Is there anyone who uses either this
particular product or any of the Magnan product? Thanks
for your time.
Hi Sjorgensen,
Magnan cables are truly outstanding products. I have the signature intercons and 2 super-signature power cords in my system. They are permanent fixtures, and have had them for a few years. David Magnan is very accessible and dilagent as a designer. These cables do everything so well; nothing is sacrificed at the expense of other things. Hope this helps.
I have the power cord/power bar and it seems effective at filtering grundge. I also use the interconnects
Just heard the Signature Power Cord couple of days ago. It is magical. never heard power cord quite like it. I compaired it to my previous favorite Harmonix Studio Master and Magnan was clearly better. It might even be the best one I ever heard, especially on the amp.