Anyone Get a Degritter for Xmas?

I'm thinking about taking the plunge and would love to hear owner experiences!

I've owned the Degritter for almost a year now and have cleaned about 600 albums so far. It's an excellent and reliable machine but I wouldn't  buy one for the sole purpose of removing ticks and pops on otherwise good albums. It's just "ok" in that regard. It does better removing noise from dirty albums than it does for random ticks and pops, but so does my Okki Nokki rcm. My experience with it also shows that on "some" albums, ticks and pops actually increased after the Degritter cleaned them and got worse with further cleanings! A friend of mine who lives nearby, has experienced the same thing with some albums with his Degritter. Not sure why this is with some albums (newish) and not with others. Must be the vinyl formulations. Not sure. What I would buy one for though is for better sonics. Most albums do sound a bit better after cleaning them either the Degritter. I can say the same for my rcm, but the Degritter takes it up another notch. Not to mention that the Degritter is much more convenient to use.

I have an Audio Desk and I admit it's not cheap.

And it's added life to my LP collection which includes albums I bought in the 80s. (About 300).  I have cleaned all my records and clean every record I buy before playing. 

It does make a difference as does using high quality sleeves and keeping records from getting dirty.

I think the pops/clicks were damage done by mishandling (previous owner???) or in manufacturing. I don't know that they disappear. I think the Degritter may give such a good cleaning that everything is easier to hear. A good thing in most all cases I'm sure, but with the few that have some noise, a catch 22. 

I have used a VPI 16.5 w/ Audio Intelligent solutions for many years. I have the one step (#6) and 2 step (#15), requiring a distilled H2O rinse. 

I've been using a Degritter for a couple months after using a Cleaner Vinyl setup for several years. With the Cleaner vinyl, I would wait and clean in batches because of the set up time.  With the Degritter, even though it cleans and dries one at a time, I clean records much more frequently.  It is so easy to start and stop.  No prep, no cleanup. This is particularly useful when I'm playing a record I cleaned awhile ago and realize it's time for another cleaning.  Bam!  Done!!! Glad I made the plunge.


I am not getting a Degritter for Christmas, but barring financial catastrophes I plan to get one to celebrate the Vernal Equinox.