Anyone going to see the Police?

The prices for decent seats at some of these shows is staggering. That said, I cannot miss them, they are one of my favorite bands of all time. It was really good seeing them play together at the Grammy's. Anyway, just thought I'd see what everyone thought of the tour.
Saw the June 9 show in Denver, great experience. The band had synergy, as Sting was playing an old bass (really sweet sound) Stewart had 2 percussion rigs and Andy was outstanding!
gee Sting got biggigitus at Live Earth
lost his voice in Can't Stand Losing You
never fully recovered

when I saw them last week he was dead on all week
I have two tickets available for this Sunday's (7/22) show in Toronto. I thought I
could go but cannot. Email me if you are interested, know someone who is, or
know how I can sell them on short notice. I'll be seeing them in Detroit
tomorrow night.