Anyone had experience with Odyssey Stratos?

I'm looking to replace my Adcom5500 and someone recommended the Odyssey Stratos. It would be driving Infinity Kappa 8.1 speakers. 89db sensitivity. Thanks for any help.
I had the Adcom 5503 3 channel amp & upgraded to the Aragon 8008-X3 3 channel amp to run a center & 2 rear speakers. I also have the Aragon 8008BB dual mono amp in the same system to run the main speakers. I was thinking of getting a smaller amp for my bedroom & read alot about the Odyssey Stratos amp. I called the company & a man with an accent over bragged about the amp that I was turned off. I then bought a Krell 300i integrated amp to go with the bedroom. When I tell this story many say that the guy I talked to always talks this way but no else took offence, therefore it maybe my over reaction. My Adcom 5503 was like your Adcom 5500. Adcom makes good sound for the money, to get a little extra push an Aragon would be better but loses in the cost per sound ratio. Other than that I always read good things about the Odyssey Stratos amp, but never heard one in action. Give them a call & prepare for a sales pitch.
I own the Stratos and have had Adcoms, among dozens of other amps--you will be simply blown away by hood good the Odyssey amp is! I would write another review but all the glowing praise on, and is all deserved and pretty accurate, the Stratos is one of the few products as good as all the hype and buzz. Email me if you would like to know anything more specific.