Anyone have any experience with the Tunami GPX-R ?

Apparently the GPX-R will be terminated with Oyaide 004 plugs. The price will be $475. Are there any other differences ?
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Aldavis - I have a "red one"... LOL

This is a pretty stiff cable - not like a ultra thick BMI but it still has some mind of its own. Definitely falls in the category of cables that will move a light component around. And its certainly not going to make a nice 90 degree bend a few inches from the receptacle.

All that said its a nice sounding cable for the money and the red plug shields (opaque not translucent) are definitely kinda festive.

Rudolph would like them

Happy Holidays
TVAD - I also use the Accrolink, but have 046 plugs. I found through the ages of playing with power cords, that the wire itself brings much less to the party than do the plugs themselves.
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