Anyone have experience with the Ayon Stealth dac?

The audio core of my system is a modified Oppo 203 (digital only) to a Directstream dac to ATC active floorstanders (SCM19A) and JL Audio e-110 subs. I've been mulling switching dacs, as I like the DS's natural warmth and a lot of what it does, but it does have a slightly digital sound to it that doesn't draw me in as much as I would like. From what I've read the Ayon Stealth (in preamp/dac mode) seems a very good candidate to consider. Unfortunately, the cost new is beyond my pocketbook and the used market in the States for Stealths isn't sufficient to take a chance cold, as I've sometimes done with other gear. So, I'm looking for the thoughts of those that have experience with the Stealth (all the better if there's experience with the DS too). What I'd like to hear about is something more delineated than "it's better" (or not), but a breakdown of what it is you like(d) and don't/didn't. Thanks, 
Thanks. Audio Note may be great but is not in my price range, even used, except at the bottom of their line.

The other thing about the Stealth (and not Audio Note) that I should mention is that it has a remote, which is a requirement in my setup.
Got one connected to Spirit amp. Amazing DAC. Even better than my PS Audio DIrectStream Sr. 

Tube magic! Match made in heaven 
Used as a DAC/pre amp to Spirit III direct input is unbeatable! No chance to PS Áudio DIrectStream Sr.

I use the DS Sr. to listen to Bridge II streaming capabilities.