anyone have experience with tube cdps'

I am thinking of switching to a tube cdp because I find most solid state players to sound to digital, even expensive ones. I am trying to audition Raysonic 168, a Grant fidelity, and audio aéro from france, anyone with experience please advise.
FYI the SS players I listened to were Rega, NAD and Cambridge audio. I did not like any of them. Far too digial.
I have owned a Grant Fidelity CD427 for about six months.
Even though it is Chinese built, I have had no issues at all
with it. I replaced the stock Chinese tubes and could not be
The Lector 7T is one fine CD player especially when you roll some Telefunken 12at7s in. I bought one as a backup but it sounds so good that I use it most of the time.
In my experience, a tube output does nothing to make a CD player sound less "digital".

If you did not find the Rega Apollo to be laid back, you are definitely not going to find any of the three players on your list to be. They are all much more forward and engaging than the Rega.
I have two tube CDP's and while I prefer them to all solid state CDP's the difference, honestly, is pretty marginal. If you don't like digital sound the only solution that will guarantee a big difference is to go analog.
The best tubed CDPs I've heard (and owned) are the Shanling CD-T100 and the JAS Audio Musik 1.2. The JAS Audio unit is especially good value, with a good transport and a really nice sounding output stage.

All CD players I've had, tubed or ss, were improved with aftermarket power cords, antivibration footers and especially, isolation transformers on the AC supply. An iso tranny doesn't have to be expensive (see eBay) and it can remove considerable roughness from the player's sound, especially in the HF.