Anyone have experience with using de-esser for sibilance in home audio system?

I've been experiencing sibilance over the past year and have arrived at the conclusion that it's my hearing. 

I'm wondering whether a pro-audio de-esser might help.

Does anyone have experience with this?  




Thanks for the clarification.

Can you recommend an EQ? 

I've read 5 - 8 KHz is correct range but others say 3 - 10 KHz.  



I totally get where you are coming from, Stuartk. I have found that even though it is not the "purist" approach, the dBx 231S, 2-channel, stereo EQ unit does a great job at allowing me to reduce (not totally eliminate) sibilance in my hi-end system. It is extremely quiet and sonically transparent and much easier to use compared to digital EQs e.g. Beringher, etc. You can pick one up for about $300 new, and it could be an ear saver for you... I love mine.



I would start would the EQ first. Try a parametric and gently scoop out the frequencies that offend.  That could be all you need.  

Good suggestion. Effectively, my question about the rooms is getting at exactly the same cause, but this solution does not require inconvenient changes!


It can be associated with tinnatus, apparently.


Don’t have my headphone amp set up, currently but I do hear it through earbuds.


Where is it in your signal chain?

The only time I tried such a product was in my guitar rig and it was really noisy but that was many years ago.