Anyone have experience with using de-esser for sibilance in home audio system?

I've been experiencing sibilance over the past year and have arrived at the conclusion that it's my hearing. 

I'm wondering whether a pro-audio de-esser might help.

Does anyone have experience with this?  




I will check when I have time but I'll be astonished if i don't hear it with headphones. 

but I do hear it through earbuds.

This is a problem.

Do you only hear it when a "S" or "SH" is enunciated, or do you hear it thru the entire vocal track?

Does it sound like a very high pitched hissing sound or more like a high pitched ringing sound?

OP, I'd still have your ears checked and taken out of the 'formula'....🤷‍♂️

Doesn't cost much, esp. if your health plan/insur. covers a regular check-up.

When mine began to go south, highs were the first to suffer....and tinnitus began to 'whistle/hiss' softly....don't know how old you are, but...if you find self going 'What?' more often to folks....

Just sayin', no ' j'accuse ' implied....;)

Meanwhile....back in the lab.......wonder how thin v. ridged, and if it's ferromagnetic...or could be....?

...or flexible...or translucent/transparent....?

...or a material you'd rather not see in a pissed-off bot...anywhere near you....😖


"A new way to let AI chatbots converse all day without crashing" (an article included in the above link) just makes me feel all warm inside...

Robbie and Rhonda's AI 'motivation minds' can chat it up 24/7/365.25 'bout how annoying their organic 'stupidvisors' can act and treat them....🤔🙄😒

I'm not paranoid, per se.....well, maybe...

Treat your cellphone nice...never really know what it's thinking, anymore...

If you drop me One More Time.....