Anyone have experience with using de-esser for sibilance in home audio system?

I've been experiencing sibilance over the past year and have arrived at the conclusion that it's my hearing. 

I'm wondering whether a pro-audio de-esser might help.

Does anyone have experience with this?  




Acoustic panels can be had as a portable unit, with stands.  That's what I use for when listening to music.  Otherwise, the panel goes back into my office room.  I have other acoustic panels affixed to the wall for first reflections and bass traps.  But I needed this extra panel to help with my hearing needs. GIK makes a nice portable model and is relatively inexpensive.  I have a 2' X 5' panel and it has really helped.  Worthwhile to try it and for not much cost.  Hope this helps.

I found tweeters just above ears helps the most. That may be related to my driver layout so I would experiment. Does the sibilance change when you change your listening position? That’s one test. 


I had no idea portable panels were available. 


No; sibilance doesn't change. In fact, I can stand right next to speaker and hear sibilance as easily as when I'm in the listening chair. 

I will try the "just above ears" placement. 

@scott22 ....Yeah, that's another fascinating material that tweaks my rabid designer that has my left shoulder next to the 'better ear'....Stronger than steel, and tougher than polycarb leaves one wondering what sort can be fashioned from it, and wtf can cut/machine/formed with it....

Received Monday a 2'x4' sheet of PET/R plastic, .02" thick, glass clear, masked both faces....a clear Walsh cone pair of Frankenspeakers ought to be a hoot... ;)

@stuartk .....sssSibilance, like sssShingles, won't care where you stand or how...

...kickstarted my personal Wayyback 'chine, searching for when my tinnitus tiptoaded into my consistence....and it resembled your malady... sneaks in, settles into a comfy spot, and squats. 😒

Mine begins @ around 5ish Khz, and anything above is meh....

The Phonak Audeos' (prior to one of our felines destroying the R 'channel driver') could be adjusted to minimize 'the Tin din' and still improve on the 'above and beyond' to a reasonable degree....But...I had and will need again to have the custom-molded ear inserts.

These block out any 'interference' from the Real World, which negates the 'improvements' of the aids themselves....

(i.e.; '30 day Free Trials' are pointless in my case.  I either 'do it'....or not at all....)

Going to try out the Widex units....supposed to be superior in terms of 'musical rendition', and the BT is touted as 'Real Time', with near-nil delay,,,

The Phonaks' BT wouldn't 'pick up' one or the other sides/channels as they had become an annoyance, so I guess I should thank the cat that torched the aid....*LOL*

I'm not inferring that you Need aids @ this time...your issue seems mild, so a pair of the available 'ear buds' might do the trick for you....🤷‍♂️

Ask the've more options available at this time....than I.

Good luck....👍 Jerry

PostPost:  'Buds' to deal with your sibilance 'primarily'...and 'not so much' any deterioration above that....if it exists....?