Anyone have Legacy speakers these days?

I have a wonderful pair of Legacy Protege speakers. Anyone else have Legacy and what do you think of them? Thanks
I agree Sthomas12321...seriously, until you sit down and audition the Focus 20/20 or the Whisper you have no idea how incredible these speakers really are. I think that the mixed reviews come from others who have spent thousands more and realize they could have spent thousands less and got a superior speaker...once again...never judge a book by its cover.

How true! You are right on the mark. Im sorry, but if a person cant enjoy the focus 20/20's amazing sound, you just cant enjoy music period.
Sthomas...I am glad I finally have someone who understands... THE most amazing set-up I have ever encountered was my 20/20's with my friends Cary SLI-80 tube integrated on the high's and my Parasound HCA-3500 on the about breathing life into the music...I have since then sold the Focus and now own Whisper's...looking back I think I would trade the Whisper's back for the Focus...they just do EVERYTHING right.
I have Legacy Signature 2's and the older model Victoria's. I have also had Studio's, Super Satellites, some unique Dipole surrounds that looked like double sided Studios, and Accents. I'm 'old school' when it comes to Legacy speakers (because I can't afford the new ones)!
Well i'm glad to see that my ears have not been lying to me these past five years.Most of my gear is mi fi but my 2002 Focus i got from a legacy salesman ( his year old personal set.) are just great!Not being well heeled I've always looked for most bang/buck in my gear .Thats why I have about 8 Paradigm speakers in my home. When i get some hi end mono blocks I think i'll have a pretty good system. Legacys are 1st class!