Anyone have their Tri-Vista21 modded?

I have been contemplating having my DAC modded. I would appreciate feedback from anyone that had their Tri-Vista 21 updated and your impression of the changes good and bad, and for opinions as to whether you thought it was worth it.
I had an un-modded tri vista, and replaced it with a scott nixon dac. Have not heard a modded one.
I had a TriVista 21 DAC too, and also thought about having it modded. UnderwoodWally brought up two good points to think about before doing this:

1. You will not get the price of the mod back upon resale.

2. If you don't plan on keeping the DAC for a long time, keep the $1000.00 and put it towards the new DAC.

There are much better DACs out there, but of course they also cost more. So, what's your goal for your system?

Thank Krell man,

I actually really like the sound of the Tri-Vista DAC with my set up so I would have no issue keeping it for a while. I am looking for a little more clarity and improved dynamic without impacting the organic sound of this DAC

What DAC would you recommend as a replacement if I where to go down that path

The one that I went to was the Accustic Arts DAC 1 Mk 3, and then upgraded to the Accustic Arts DAC 1 Mk 4. They're very good DACs.

I've since gone with the Wadia 581se CD Player driving just my power amp. That let me get rid of:

1. the CD Transport, power cord and digital cable.
2. the DAC
3. the Pre-amp, power cord and interconnect.

So all that I have now is:

1. the CD Player, power cord and interconnect
2. the Amp and power cord

It's a simple setup and it sounds great to me.