Anyone having problems with their Gryphon Diablo 300 remote?

I've had my Gryphon Diablo now for a year and I've had intermittent issues with the remote since I've owned the unit.  Nothing against the Diablo itself, but I've already received another remote and now it's starting to act up.
The remote has now stopped working three times in less than two weeks. And my original remote seemed to burn through batteries (alkaline) very quickly also. But this "new" remote is even worse? I thought it was the batteries so I exchanged them now for the third time and it will work, but only for 2-3 days?

Just a side note: I have an adaptable Cambridge Audio Azur 851C CD Player remote that can control the volume of the Gryphon Diablo 300 and I’m wondering if this may be the cause (I can’t figure out for the life of me why it would though, but trying to eliminate all possibilities)? It can’t, however, change the inputs or turn it on and off like the Gryphon remote.
I don’t see how the CA remote can play into this issue.  Also do not understand how it could be “two” bad remotes.  I have not opened my remote to replace batteries.  Does it come with alkaline batteries from the factory? Have you checked the voltage on your “new” batteries with a volt meter to be certain they are operating at full voltage?  Have you rechecked the battery voltage when the remote stops working?  If the batteries go from “new” to no good in 2-3 days then it must be the remote.  Could something be pressing a remote button continuously when not in use to use up the battery power?  If batteries still read ”good” on the volt meter and remote is not working then it could be either the remote control or the remote circuit in the Gryphon amp.
i have a Diablo 300 and have had no issues with the remote either. Hope you get it sorted... 
I spoke with my dealer who has been a dream to work with and he's going to get with Philip and replace it.  I've read some folks have had issues with theirs in other forums too?  Not sure why. If I find out I'll pass that along.