Anyone hear Classic Audio T9?

I see Classic Audio Loudspeakers has some smaller models in their lineup - T9 and T7.  I was wondering if anyone's had a chance to hear them, and how they compare to their bigger T3 model.  I heard the T3 at FLAX early this year and was very impressed with teh sound, but the thought of putting something that big in my living room is overwheliming.  Even their smaller Studio Standard IIB is a bit overwhelming.  Trying to position them for optimum sound, move them to clean, even just the visual presence is a lot for where they would go in my living room, which is about 17X10.  But the sound was phenomenal. 
Then there's the question of how does the acoustic lens sound compared to the tractrix horn?
The lens seems to have a harshness (this entirely IMO) compared to the tractrix horn. If you're interested in the T-9, by all means, call John and talk to him. He's not going to steer you wrong on this!
The below quote is how I feel. I just acquired a pair of T1.5 reference after years and years of looking for my next speaker. Listened to a variety of topologies and styles and at the same time attended numerous audio shows in the U.S. and in Europe. After hearing several Classic audio Loudspeakers at these various shows my impressions were confirmed as to the sound quality attributes that conveyed to me that these were special speakers.

My belief is if you like the signature sound of the contemporary series from Classic Audio that you should reach out to Classic Audio and ask about if he has any cabinets for the T9 or is willing to build you one. When I visited his shop this past summer, I get the impression that he builds to quality and not time standards...therefore, a new build would probably be a little while. That’s why I mentioned asking him what cabinets he has laying around. Good luck.

“No matter what a person’s sonic preferences are, I can’t imagine them not enjoying the sound of Classic Audio speakers. The sound is just so natural and inviting. I have heard them only twice, and it was in show conditions, but each time I knew that they were speakers that I could love long term. You’ll get used to the visual intrusion, and anyway, I think that they’re beautiful”

It occurred to me that the system at FLAX I heard was using Novacron amplifiers at rev 3.3, whereas my amplifiers were at rev3.1.  For the small cost of updating to rev3.3, I figured I'd give that a try before changing speakers.  Having the amps back for a while now, I can say I'm very impressed with the results, and that the upgrade gave me a significant helping of the sound I was looking for.  The sound after update is much more open and dynamic.  I'm quite shocked at the difference.  I thought the amps were pretty good already.  The increase in dynamics seems to be due to a reduction in noise floor, rather than an increase in peaks, if that makes sense.  The system is more satisfying when played at low volumes now.  Bass also seems more controlled and tighter.  The overall impression is that the music sounds more powerful and vivid across the spectrum.  More detail can be heard from the very deepest bass through the highest frequencies, but without being fatiguing.  I did notice an increase in high-frequency extension, which I was surprised at.  In my case it worked out well.  My speakers have a switch to help match the speakers to the amplifiers.  I had it set in the position that boosts highs a bit.  Since the update, ti sounds more natural with the switch in the normal position, and now sounds better than before with the switch in the other position.  The increased resolution is not a result of simply boosting the highs, but is a real improvement across the board.  I'm still contemplating a change to Classic Audio speakers, but am less urgent about it than before.