Anyone hear GMA First Overture DAC ??

Any feedback on the George Mark Audio First Overture DAC ???

That looks like a tour-de-force unit....
I have owned a First Overture for more than 1 year. It sounds as close to analog as I have ever heard from cd playback and I am enjoying it more as my cd collection grows.I am still mostly playing lp records and it will be many years until my digital library rivals my analog but before the George-Mark I only used cd.s to warm up the system now at least I can sit down and enjoy them.A close friend also owns a First Overture neither of us has had the slightest problem.The only reasons George Bischoff and I have exchanged e mails is xmas greetings and jokes.Prior to the George-Mark I used an Arcam FMJ which I had judged as unlistenable,this unit is now used as a transport only.