Anyone hear or own Musical Technology (Heil AMT's) speakers?

I’m in Venice for work reasons, and looking around for audio to check out.
I came across a place that carries MT (Musical Technology) speakers. They use ESS Heil technology,

From the website:

"MT speakers offer together the qualities which usually can be found only separately in high quality speakers of different technologies: transparency and three-dimensional stage (electrostatics), dynamics and high efficiency (horn systems), Iinearity (dynamic systems).

The main driver is the AMT (Air Motion Transformer) by Oscar HEIL, which for us is the best mid-high in the market. Using a planar diaphragm it has the transparency of the electrostatics, it is a dipole and it’s probably the fastest (15 ms square wave rise time) driver in the world. It overcomes dome tweeters on every aspect: efficiency (100 db), dynamics (50 db of difference), dispersion (1200, front and rear), impedance (it behaves Iike a resistor), mid frequencies reproduction(from 900 Hz), low distortion and power capability (over 1000 W peak power), air driving area (3.5 times). It’s the only one which can reproduce real instruments dynamics and attacks, with its “instant acceleration”. It’s not easy to match traditional drivers to a so advanced component Fast, efficient and powerful woofers, using polypropylene cones, massive magnets and copper voice coils, bonded with high temperature epoxy to precision aluminium form, have been developed to give warmth to the mid-bass and at the same time to follow accurately the violent dynamics of the AMT.

Optimal blending of the drivers is achieved by sophisticated crossover networks which utilize high voltage, high quality capacitors, precision air core inductors and heavy duty wire-wound level control. The slopes between the AMT and the woofers are soft to obtain a very good phase and dynamic response without energy holes in the crossover points.

Speaker cabinets are weIl engineered components where care has also been taken with appearance. They are strategically braced and reinforced for structural rigidity in order to minimize cabinet-induced resonance. Their baffle boards are rounded to avoid holes in the frequency response out of axis. They are constructed from mdf and solid wood board and veneered with the highest furniture grade walnut or lacquered.
     The result of all this work and of exhausting listening sessions is “a speaker of incredible performances. The successful matching of the classic qualities of a home speaker, there is a flat response, transparency and musicality, and the dynamic qualities of the best professional monitors makes them very special speakers” (AMT330: Audio Review Oct. 91).They can achieve awesome undistorted sound levels, or can be driven by small power class A or tube amplifiers in a small room. Detail and clarity, wide dispersion and consequently an overall spaciousness to rival the live concert, the infinite dynamics, the coherence of the instruments and of the stage at any volume and in any Iistening point in the room, puts them among the few realistic speakers in the world."

Anyone have these? Or have heard them? I’m curious.