Anyone hear SF Venere's? Thougts?

Hello All,

I'm planning to upgrade my current speakers (Hales Revelation 3) with Sonus Faber Venere 2.5. I did listen to them and kind of liked their price/performance ratio. I heard them through Prima Luna Dialog tube amp and Nottingham spacedeck TT. Currently I power the Hales with DK Designs VS.1 Reference MK II. The set-up sounds good but I feel it's missing the mid-lower base (about 60-200Hz). Running hales through tube amp is a tough proposition because of how inefficient the Hales are.

My question is, would it be an upgrade/downgrade/lateral move with SF Venere?

Any thoughts are much appreciated.

Best Regards/Stay Well
Hi Livin 262002,

Congrats on your purchase. I think you can't go wrong with those SF 2.5's. I figure If a speaker can sound good in a mediocre showroom powered by a surround sound receiver then they must be great speakers. I'm happy to know that you didn't hear that slight plastic rattle I was talking about in my last post. In the showroom the speakers are all packed in close to one another with many other objects around. The vibration could have likely come from somewhere other than the Venere 2.5's themselves. You own them now so I trust your ears more than my demonstration of them in the showroom.

Your Hales were good speakers that sold for $2195 back in the late 90's. If they were sold today I am sure they would cost $3500 with the way the price of audio has risen in the last decade. So I think that says a lot about the value of the SF 2.5's.

I'm wondering if my observations are correct here? The Hales Revolution 3's do have that 10 inch bass driver for more bass vs the 7inch one in the 2.5. But the Hales also has a smaller 4.5 inch midrange driver vs the 7 inch one in the 2.5. So I'm betting the SF sounds fuller and bigger in the midrange with a better sense of relaxation? Maybe the Hales sounds a little faster and cleaner in the midrange? Also, the Hales does use an aluminum dome tweeter vs the soft dome one used in the Venere 2.5. So it makes sense that we both thought the SF sounds smoother on top.

Enjoy your speakers. I think a nice tube integrated would be the way to go for your future upgrade.
Hello Mezzanine,

Thank you. The Hales were good speakers but the SF 2.5 bettered them in the mids and highs. You're absolutely right, the Hales had a 10" Peerless bass driver and a 4.5" custom Vifa midrange. The tweeters were off the shelf Vifas.

The Hales mids were good but the presence was missing (could have been a bad match with the amp). The SF 2.5s are a little forward (but definitely not in-my-face) when compared to Hales but I'm liking that forwardness. I did have to supplement 2.5s with a Velodyne sub to get the lower notes. I used Organ music to set-up the sub's X-over and volume. It blends in nicely with the main speakers.

Also I just replaced my phono stage, a Monolithic Sound PS-1 with the HC-1B power supply with EAR 834p. The improvement is amazing.

Good Luck with your amp hunting for the Cremonas.
I auditioned the 2.5s then bought the 3.0s sound-unheard since they only had the 3.0s in the remote warehouse. I'm tickled -pink with them only on day 2. these speakers LOVE CJ 60W/ch KT120 power tubes. I find them very involving/toe-tapping even at low volume- terrific sound per $ .
Seven years after the last post in this thread...........Today is March 6 2020 and the Venere line is discontinued. They came out in late 2012 and 8 years later...this speakers ( I have the white 2.5 ) still sound magnificent . Now they are available for average $1,500