Anyone hear the Caravelle speaker and not like it?

I am very close to ordering a pair of the Harmonic Precision Carravelle speakers. I am looking in the below $5,000 range and these look interesting. There are only a couple of reveiws so I was wondering if anyone has heard them and been unimpressed? It is a lot of money but I may take a chance on it. Anyone think I can do better at my price point. I will be buying a new amp after I choose a speaker.
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I heard these speakers and was very impressed. The gear was first rate, but the speakers certainly didn't show up as a weak link. Small to medium room is really the rule to follow IMO.

Buy two pair!
What size room qualifies as a small to medium? Would my room be considered medium?
I wrote an extensive review of the Caravelle after living with my friend's pair in my listening room for three weeks. Does the bass outdo my Wilson MAXX? In my room where the MAXX's 10 and 12 inch woofers can't open up because the room is too small, yes, they did by a big margin. When I added a subwoofer, it was perfect...the bass was still more articulate and deeper than my MAXX. This speaker is for is mind boggling how good they sound with solid state and tube equipment. I have had long sessions with my Krell and my friend's VAC. Excellent in both cases. By the way, the bass that is there without the subwoofer is down to 35-40 hertz and is very dynamic, detailed and enjoyable. Check them out for yourself, you'll be a believer. The comment about the Gallo Reference 3 I appreciate as I listend to them a long time at the Stereophile show in San Francisco in 2003. For $2500 it is a very good speaker, but not nearly as refined and musical as the Caravelle.
TWL, is it possible to hear this speaker anywhere, i.e., are there any dealers?