Anyone hear the Caravelle speaker and not like it?

I am very close to ordering a pair of the Harmonic Precision Carravelle speakers. I am looking in the below $5,000 range and these look interesting. There are only a couple of reveiws so I was wondering if anyone has heard them and been unimpressed? It is a lot of money but I may take a chance on it. Anyone think I can do better at my price point. I will be buying a new amp after I choose a speaker.
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I wrote an extensive review of the Caravelle after living with my friend's pair in my listening room for three weeks. Does the bass outdo my Wilson MAXX? In my room where the MAXX's 10 and 12 inch woofers can't open up because the room is too small, yes, they did by a big margin. When I added a subwoofer, it was perfect...the bass was still more articulate and deeper than my MAXX. This speaker is for is mind boggling how good they sound with solid state and tube equipment. I have had long sessions with my Krell and my friend's VAC. Excellent in both cases. By the way, the bass that is there without the subwoofer is down to 35-40 hertz and is very dynamic, detailed and enjoyable. Check them out for yourself, you'll be a believer. The comment about the Gallo Reference 3 I appreciate as I listend to them a long time at the Stereophile show in San Francisco in 2003. For $2500 it is a very good speaker, but not nearly as refined and musical as the Caravelle.
TWL, is it possible to hear this speaker anywhere, i.e., are there any dealers?
Dan, the only dealer with a set of Caravelles available for audition(that I know of) might be Tom Devuono(a.k.a. theaudiotweak) in Louisville, Ky. Tom has had a number of pairs of Caravelles go out through his doors recently. He's been a very good dealer for us for a while now, and is a good all around guy.

We do most of our business by internet sales, and we have very few dealers.

Another option would be to hook up with one of the fellows who posted reviews, and maybe one of them will be close to your location, and be willing to provide an audition for you.

Also, we expect to be in Denver again for the Denver Audio Fest, so that will likely be the next public show event where the Caravelles will be shown/demoed.

Srajan at 6moons will be receiving his pair for testing probably next week for his upcoming review also. Stay tuned. There is also a new little blurb up on 6moons about our company and the upcoming Caravelle review, that Srajan has recently uploaded.
4 Alternatives to Caravelles, these speakers are not "better" but are subjective alternatives to the Caravelles. Funny how many of these speakers will be difficult to find to audition too.

ATC SCM-20 -2, will play louder with more precision and focus than the Caravelles, depending on the amplifier the Caravelles will give a fuller bass but not better dynamics. The ATC's may be too detailed for some and do not throw a big image.

Meyer HD-1, some may find this speaker a bit to precise and detailed, but this speaker clearly out does any of the speakers on this list when it comes to bass and dynamics. This speaker is superb in everyway. Its more expensive too, but since it is powered I felt it could stay in the game.

Dynaudio 25; again a very competitive speaker probably the easiest to find of all the speakers mentioned here. If your dealer can actually choose the right amplification to demo it with, you will have a speaker with a slightly darker sound than the Caravelles, which might be to your tastes.

The Caravelle's are good enough that everyone should like them. They do the play the music, they do cater to the audiophile a bit which is why they scored mediocre on the Megadeth and "I feel free" test. but since is their target audience, audiophiles, they were more than acceptable.

If you had all 4 speakers above in the same room not only would it be a great deal of fun, you might find yourself switching favorites one CD to the next. Because each speaker has its strength and character that will let it shine over the others under certain conditions.

To be less vague, but if you interests in music mainly lie in the Jazz and classical ensemble range this is where the Caravelles shine in my opinion.

The powered speakers are better at the larger scale music, as they remain better focused when the music get complex or hard driving (heavy metal and rock)

I am a dealer for Meyer and ATC, I evaluated a customers Caravelles in his room with the ATC 20's and the Dali Helicon 400's to compare.

The Caravelles are excellent, I would consider being a dealer if they began to focus more multi-channel which most of my clients buy.
Cinematic systems.I have recently sold and installed a AV system consisting of 3 Caravelles across the front with a pair of the new stands..The center stand is a variation of the new and the standard speaker stand..It had to be so as the top of the speaker was below the front projected video image..My biggest fear was the new stands,they are very unique in style..These new final prototype stands were intended to be for my audition so I never got to listen to their breakin period or the overall benefits to my own pair of Caravelles in my listening room..My client who wants the best and demands the look loved how the stands fit into their gothic like cellar area of stone and mahogany. The theater itself was of much mahogany with raised panels and beams. The sides and rears were to be Caravelles as well but it was decided they would intrude to much on the walk ways to the seating area..James Loudspeakers provided us with a model that is only 5.5 in. in depth and was finished to match the the Caravelles and the 2 matching James EMB12's..It all looked wonderfull together and blended and intergrated so as to disappear..The James subs are super fast and have the least amount of spurious cabinet noise I have ever not heard. My room at home is 21by 27 by 9..The Caravelles by themselves have faster more impactfull and tunefull bass than my previous Dunlavy SC4's..Tom, I am a dealer.