Anyone hear the new Thiel 2.7 speakers at RMAF?

Any impressions from those who heard the Thiel 2.7s in Denver would be much appreciated. Thx
Nice! Cmalak,

very good coverage. I would like a comparison between the CS 2.4 & CS 2.7 speakers. Additionally, I am stoked that Thiel re-designed the CS 1.7 speaker.

Whichever model one chooses, you will need a robust power amp and/or mono blocks, as these things are 'power hungry'.
An update;

I recently compared the CS 2.4SE to the CS 3.7 -

Up next is the comparison between the 2.4SE & CS 2.7 -
Jafant...would appreciate your thoughts/comments once you compare the 2.4SE to the 2.7. Thanks.
But on complex musical passages the sound became "congested" and lost transparency, as though there was quite a bit of distortion.

Some of what you heard could be the preamp. Some preamps can sort out complex passages, most that I have heard cannot.

Happy Listening.