Anyone hear the Von Schweikert DB-99?

Does anyone own or heard this speaker? If so, please give me your impressions.

Also, what are the sonic benefits (if any) in a high efficency speaker over regular efficency?

I just mailed in my down payment to Quest for Sound on the db99's...4 to 6 week wait will seem can use any power amp on these things with good results....the owner also said he tried a midfi Rotel amp, just for fun, and the speakers sounded fine....I'll be using my ss BAT VK500 but now I'll have the ability to go low power tubes if the yen hits.
what's the latest you've heard on the db99 delivery date? this is unbelievable what's going on...
The color you saw on display, you mentioned burgundy.
Is that the same as Corvette red on the website?