Anyone hear Thiel CS1.6?

Thanks for thoughts.
i'm going to make a point to get to Baton Rouge to verify what Cbucki is saying. Yes the D. Krall recording will make just about any speaker sound "nice", but what we're after here is a performer on just about any cd. Good of you to point out "absolute sound"'s kooky statements. Hyperbole (ie. exceeding the truth), did i spell that right, 'toiletbowl", that's better. Zaik, i don't doubt its a nice speaker, but lets keep this 6.5 inch midwoofer + tweeter in perspective. It's a book-shelf in an oversized cabinet. And are they boosting the price for the floor-standing cabinet?? I fully understand what Jab is saying. Red flag goes up when salesman gets over enthusiastic, never buy on first listen, walk. The speaker will be there tommorrow.
Apparently, JA's review was based more on measurements than his hearing. He spoke a lot about frequency anomolies which can be measured. I still find it odd how he loved the Revel M20's - maybe due to good measured performance. But if he listened with his ears he would find ringing, harmonic problems, and some boxiness. None of which the Thiels have.
I went to the dealer to audition the Thiels 1.6's and was disappointed. No bottom end, not even a hint of one. They also carried the Joseph and Totem speakers. Both of these brands blew away the 1.6's for around the same or less money. I ended up purchasing the Totem 1's for my music room (with the REL Strata III sub) and the Totem Arro's for my den. The Arro's have more bottom end than the 1.6's and the Arro's have a 4" woofer. I also liked the Joseph speakers and probably would have purchased them if not for the Totems. Best thing to do is go audition them for yourself, only you can tell what sounds good to you.
Frankly, this speaker (and probably the Wilson Audio Sophia) are two of the most overhyped speakers of the year. There are so many great speakers for the same or less money that it is irresponsible and irrational to hype these as new standards. One thing I've learned is to never bye into the hype, just trust your own ears. More times than not, hype is just that --- hype.

Ironically, if you strip away some of the sugar-coating, JA's review in Stereophile contradicted the hype on his own magazine cover.