Anyone heard AES/Cary Sixpac monos?

I am very interested in this product. Has anyone auditioned these or currently own these? What about the Jensen copper in oil cap upgrade? Thanks for your time, attention and feedback.

I just ordered a pair. They should be here Friday. I'll let you know next week if I remember.
Yes. Now I can say I've heard them. And I'm in love. I will never have anything other than tubes.
you should really try to audition these if you can-i bought a pair last oct 03 and i am seriously impressed-liquid mids and highs, startling clarity and weight, and man what a sound stage.....and this is without the oil cap option, plenty of power too,opens up the loudspeaker choices a cant go wrong for the price
My good friend just has broken in his pair of six pacs along with the AES Pre. I believe he has the Jensen upgrade as well. Very sweet, natural, smooth sound. I will alert him to this thread.