anyone heard Mitsubishi Da A 30 amp

I have a chance to get one cheap. Hard to compare old to new but I have heard parasound 2200's, Adcoms 5500, 5800, CJ SA 250. I was hoping someone could give me an idea about the sound. Generally mid 80's amps are harsh in the mids and highs, veiled and lack bass control. Just hoping it might be good since the price is low. Thanks
I've limited experience with mitsu audio gear, you may try
asking on audiokarma. There is a few guys who own the DA A30.
I actually picked up at pair that were bridged into mono blocks. They sound great with my Klipsch Forte 1's which means they must not have much high freq extension. I find the Fortes high end brutal with my modern amps. Hmmm...
Actually, the DA-A30 is an outstanding power amp, especially in the low-end that is very tight and very powerful.  And it can handle the too prevalent low impendance loudspeakers very well.  Plus, it is very smooth sounding compared to other transistor amps, even those of today - almost tube-like.
Bridged mono-blocks, very interesting and very rare - should drive a 6-ohm or higher system only - lots-a-watts.  Hopefully, they are calibrated correctly.
I've owned this and preferred it over similarly priced Parasound, Rotel and other big name brand amps found on the used market.  Keep in mind at their age you will want to consider an overhaul as they are about 35 years old at this point.