Anyone heard of a Bryston BP 2.2 preamp

Any info, links, or opinions about this preamp would be appreciated.
I'm not sure of the exact placement of the BP2.2 in Bryston's "family lineage", but it's an older model that has been superceded. The current preamps are the BP-20 and BP-25.

I suggest you contact James Tanner at Bryston for info about the 2.2. You can send E-mails to Tanner by going to the bottom of Bryston's home web page, and clicking on the link that says "For answers to technical questions, click here".

Here is the link to the Bryston Web site:
Bryston makes only two preamps: the BP20 and BP25. The difference in model #s has to do with how it's configured - with phono stage, remote, line stage only, etc.

But they do not make any such beast (2.2) that I'm aware of. Tale a peek at their website: It's well laid out and will give you all the info you could want.