Anyone heard or own Klipsch RF7 ?

I heard the RF7's briefly today and was blown away by the HUGE soundstage. I predicted them to be a little harsh and I was right. To defend the speaker the cabling looked a little average and they were being run with an average integrated amp which I won't mention to avoid conflict. Also I like to audition some harsh sounding CD's as some speakers deal with them better. All in all IMO they were decent for the price being they are discontinued and being "blown out". I've read about a crossover upgrade that is supposed to transform these speakers into a whole new animal. Has anyone had this done, if so how much was it? My other question is has anyone had any real success EQing the unwanted frequencies out while not totally altering the signal? An MC352 will run them.

Thanks again !!!
I have a pair of RF7s that I run as my surrounds in my HT setup. I did use them for a while as my main speakers and concur that they're a decent speaker for the money if your preference is a detailed top end. They're dynamic and excel with rock music (as I'm sure you've already read). I found them to be a little light in the bass, but that may be due to the horn tweeter imbalance to the top end. I'd be curious if the crossover mod directly addresses that (check out posts on the Klipsch board for the crossover mod details and comparisons). I used all Cardas cabling and that helped, to a degree, with the high frequencies and perceived harshness. I'd certainly stay away from any cabling with silver content. I think you're on the right track with the Mac amp - despite the high efficiency rating, these speakers sound better with a higher current amp and the Mac/Klipsch pairing comes highly recommended among many Klipsch owners. No experience in using an EQ with these speakers.
They are a lot of speaker if found around 1300.00 or so a pair, I had them for my 30 day trial and ultimatly they were very imbalanced in the horn overtaking any low frequencys, so yes were slightly brittle, or forward, or bright whatever audio nomenclature you prefer, especially in my room situation, If Equed' can be very good, but absolutly will need low end boost if nothing else in most scenario's... I found Higher power was not necessarily the overall Key to these speakers as many seem to push, even though they are of hi-efficiency(yes should run fine on 20 watts) but I suggest a resonable hi-current Amp, nothing to do with wattage, cause those 10's need some good control and decent push. A lot of speaker and potential for the money if found on a great deal. Or stay with tubes all together on them, so I think actually you have the BEST amp for the job, cause the mcintosh seem to always make klipsch perform better than other amps. Your mac might take away the apparent "Thin" sound of the speaker by adding some body too. You should maybe just take the amp to where you heard them and hook it up, I know a bit of a hassel with a super heavy amp like that but at least you can get an idea if you really feel the potential for the flavor you want.
I've heard them and was not impressed. I'm surprised you said they had a huge soundstage. The one's I heard sounded like the music was meshed together between the two speakers with no depth what so ever.

As the previous poster mentioned, their sound is very unbalanced with an extremely exagerated mid-range. They were hard sounding and the bass was flabby. For this kind of money you can easily do better IMO.

BTW, I'm actually a Klipsch fan. But, the one's I like are their Heritage series with some warm souding equipment or tubes. Their lower end has nothing in common with these. If I were you I would look used at some Cornwall II's or a LaScalla's, if you have the room. If not, then some Chorus or Forte's.