Anyone heard te Sony SS-AR1

I heard Sony's 27k new speaker today. Sony is obviously not a name you think of when it comes to high-end audio, but this speaker is sony's effort to get back into high-end audio. I'll be honest, going in, I thought anyone who spends 27k on a pair of speakers by Sony needs their head examined.
That being said, I was really, really impressed by this speaker. I compared it head to head with some dynaudio tempations (44k) and thought that the sony's at least held their own. The dealer told me that Sony is only planning on releasing 60 pairs in the US this year, and there are only 6 dealers in the country right now. Also, the wood that they use for the cabinets comes from a special Japanese tree that is specially aged, etc.
Apparently there is a review coming out in stereophile next week.
My question is, with all the great speakers out there at this range, Wilson, magico, Von schweikert, hansen, etc, has anyone heard these, and how do you think they stack up against some of the big boys?
Sony is obviously not a name you think of when it comes to high-end audio
That's an ignorant statement.
Rgs92, the (somewhat) quick history is that John Dunlavy started Duntech in Texas, I believe in the '80s, then moved to Australia in the mid-to late '80s. Most of their speakers were large and heavy so long-distance shipping was expensive. My Princesses were 180 pounds apiece and the Sovereigns weighed twice that. Sometime in the mid-'90s John returned to the US to set up production of a new Duntech model, mainly intended for the American market, thus reducing shipping costs to allow more competitive pricing. That model failed sales expectations but John remained in the US and started Dunlavy Audio Labs (DAL). The degree of his attachment to Duntech at that point was not made public. With DAL he introduce several similar models to the Duntech line and added an even larger top-of-the-line model. He continued to design and operate DAL until selling it shortly before his death. The new owner lasted less than a year before folding the company. Duntech Australia remains in business, selling world-wide but without a current US importer.

I brought up DAL because you are not the only one confused by the sibling brands.
Sorry onhwy61. Didn't mean to offend you with my audio ignorance. Nor did I think that my comments would be taken out of context by an audiophile policeman such as yourself.

Back to the discussion, James63. I wouldn't say the Sonys sounded better than the temptations, but they were extremely close in my opinion, given that the Temptations cost about 60% more and are a much larger speaker. I thought the Sonys just didn't have any weaknesses. The bass, was extremely tight and accurate. The midrange was beautifully detailed. The soundstage was amazing. With my eyes closed, I was unable to localize the speakers. After a short while, I just found myself enjoying the music, rather than listening critically for flaws. I'm not knocking the dyn Temptations, which are obviously a top notch speaker. Just thinking the Sony may be a better value to my ears.
Thanks for taking the time for that great history lesson Pryso. I appreciate it. Good stuff.

I only heard Dunlavys once and then I wondered why they weren't as big a name as Wilson. Great speaker. Amazing what can be done with old-technology cones & domes.

Actually, getting back to the thread, I think the Sony uses a traditional design.
These new Sony speakers are on my must-audition list as well. Remember, Sony can build a statement product when it wants.