Anyone heard te Sony SS-AR1

I heard Sony's 27k new speaker today. Sony is obviously not a name you think of when it comes to high-end audio, but this speaker is sony's effort to get back into high-end audio. I'll be honest, going in, I thought anyone who spends 27k on a pair of speakers by Sony needs their head examined.
That being said, I was really, really impressed by this speaker. I compared it head to head with some dynaudio tempations (44k) and thought that the sony's at least held their own. The dealer told me that Sony is only planning on releasing 60 pairs in the US this year, and there are only 6 dealers in the country right now. Also, the wood that they use for the cabinets comes from a special Japanese tree that is specially aged, etc.
Apparently there is a review coming out in stereophile next week.
My question is, with all the great speakers out there at this range, Wilson, magico, Von schweikert, hansen, etc, has anyone heard these, and how do you think they stack up against some of the big boys?
I'd listen to them first too. I'd also compare them to the Magico Q3. I've heard both but in different systems and settings. Each is an incredible speaker. You're lucky.
Keep us posted on your move and purchase of this gorgeous speaker Audiozen! PLease post pics!
Thanks for your input Audiozen. I read the stereophile article, and as mentioned above heard them at David Lewis in Philly, and was pretty much blown away. They are at the top of my speaker list, but I'm also going to consider the Dynaudio C4s and Sasha Wilson. My amp is a Simaudio Evolution W8 that is rated a pretty conservative 250wpc, but after hearing how power hungry these babies are, I am a bit concerned. Anyway, my dealer has invited me to a semi-private demo for the Sony AR-1s with the speaker designer in attendance next month. He has also offered to allow me to demo them in my system so hopefully I'll know if they will work with my setup and amp. Congrats on your decision, and let us know how they sound!
I would recommend anyone evaluating these to listen to the ATC20s and ATC40s. They are much cheaper, and because they are actives, eliminates the need for electronics. The Sony speakers are impressive, but they also has $200k in electronics in the room powering them at the Show. They remind me of the ATC40s.
Active speakers such as the ATC's do present a problem. Your stuck with the amp that is built in. The ATC amps run very hot. If the amp has a problem and needs repair, you have no speaker. Kal Rubinson at Stereophile did not have $ 200K worth of gear to evaluate the Sony's. He got outstanding performance from the 500 watt per side Bel Canto Ref1000M mono blocks that are $6K a pair. With an active speaker amplifier there is limited space internally for a large power supply. Your better off using an outboard amplifier that gives you the choice to experiment and match which amp best suits your taste.