Anyone heard the Alsyvox Botticelli planar speakers?

Full range ribbon tweeter/midrange and push-pull planar magnetic bass driver.  22Hz to 40kHz. 94 dB efficient due to all neo magnets. 260 lbs per speaker.  Has garnered enthusiastic show reviews.  BTW, "only $87k".   Looks beautiful.

Dr Vinyl is having an open house in Laurel Maryland this weekend and our audio club is meeting there. I can't wait to hear these speakers.
If anyone wants to hear the Bonticellis with excellent electronics (CAT Black Path preamp/Concert Fidelity monoblock amplifiers) you are welcome to audition in eastern Nebraska. They are very special speakers without box colorations or driver deficiencies that exist in many designs. I also have sourcing information to purchase the speakers.  
You have to love Italians. These are for certain gorgeous loudspeakers.
There is a dealer near by and I will certainly get there and have a listen.
Their big speaker is essentially a Tympany 4 in Italian terms. I would still use a subwoofer array with them But otherwise they meet all of the qualifications for a loudspeaker I would like. Two important issues. The first is any magnetic material near those speakers is going to get sucked right into them. There is a reason they have those thick teak bars running down the face. The second is durability. Ribbons are notoriously fragile, the manufacturer is young and lord knows how long they will stay in business and living in the State the manufacturer is a long ways away.
I would have to be reassured that there is something about these ribbons that makes them more durable and that there is adequate local capability to repair them. These things must weight a ton and having to ship them around is a recipe for disaster. But boy are they handsome! 
Speed is the fastest I have ever heard.....takes some getting used to. Articulation, resolution, and voicing will keep you up at night with the right electronics. Have to say I leave my listening room just saying wow that was emotional fun. More like live music in a real setting.

I was at a friends in Chicago last weekend listening to Magico Q3 and Gamut RS7i box speakers with various electronics and I had to readjust my hearing when I got home. Resolution is another league with this speaker that is not fair to most box in zero coloration from the panel and built quality and ribbon drivers. 

From the post above you take a risk with anything not local or design but their is a post on WBF Alsyvox forum by Daniele the designer of the durability of the speakers. I think life in general has all sorts of risk so it depends on your list. Daniele is one of the most honest gentleman I have met in audio in my 40 I trust his statement on the durability. They come shipped in two durable flight cases strapped to a wood crate weighing 720 lbs.....handled only by dolly jacks and trucking companies. These are not speakers for the faint of heart but then go listen and you likely will get the idea of weighing the factors important to you. Alsyvox will be showing Botticelli model with external crossover at the Fall Denver RMAF. You have to listen to understand any of the posts.....same was said of those who heard the big ones (Caravaggio’s) in Munich. Rhapsody Sound in Manhattan will have the small Tintoretto model shortly played with world class electronics.
Botticelli models are here played with CAT Black Path preamp/Concert Fidelity monoblocks. Ping me privately if interested in more detail.