Anyone heard the KIng Sound Princess II monitors?

Looks like an interesting design for a good price.
I agree with Mofimadness, a great speaker and priced way cheap for what it is.

I'm a King Sound Dealer in Denver and have a pair on Display.

They are remarkable at their price point, all the air, detail and imaging of a speakers at 5 times the price.

When I use the KRK Ergo with them either to integrate a sub-woofer or to flatten the bass response in the room, they truly transcend what you can do for $1600 any other way.

I also hooked them up to our Lyngdorf System and was especially blown away.

If you want to try a pair out contact me, my goal is to sell you a pair but will be happy to give you a 2 week money back guarantee on my demo pair which are in perfect shape and have low hours on them.

Neal Van Berg
720 308 4000