Anyone heard the Krell Evo 402?

Was wondering how this latest model compares to past iterations from Krell?
Also if anyone has compared it to the FPB 400CX?
It is not even shipping until April. As a dealer for them, that will be the earliest it ships if history is any indication.
My dealer suggested they have lost any of their harsh edge (UK importer). This may be to no negative feedback. I have not heard them though.
The new Evos are a ripoff. I believe they cost far less to make than the venerable KSA-250 did 15 years ago. Now that was an amplifier. I don't see how an enclosed design such as that with internal heatsinks can dissipate heat effectively. The high end is killing itself. They might be happy selling a couple dozen to rich arabs but in the long run they have lost repeat customers such as myself.
I have one! Gave up the 350 MCX's for solid state I've heard so far. After 100 hours it is entering a very tube like phase...smooth, no glare, great tonal color. All vestiges of solid state edge is gone...completely! No more upper mid forwardness or brightness. An amazing advance on solid state design! Nightdoggy...good boy, rollover and go to sleep.