Anyone heard the Krell KCT Preamp?

I am in the market for a preamp and was wondering if anyone has had a chance to evaluate or audition this unit. Any owners care to comment? Also, there seems to be no reviews published that I can find thus far. I am also particularly interested in its CAST feature for mating with Krell Class A amps (high impedance output into low impedance input. Thanks in advance.
Thanks guys I just picked up one to replace my KRC-3 which I also like even though I know it's not the best...

I also have FPB750MCX amps, one of the amps has failed so I'm sending them in and getting them tuned up too. I have had a ton of Krell equipment and love it except for what they did to Dan of course. I love his new amps too and he says the new preamp is going to be a stunner.

Looking forward to my first CAST system. Thanks for all the help on here!

Well, after almost 8 trouble-free years I am happy to report that my KCT (and 400cx) is still making music trouble free and sounding simply fantastic. I am still using the same CAST cable with the 400cx. I have only had to change the batteries in the remote once in all this time. Along with my Aries 2 turntable, these components are by far the longest I have held onto any and I have absolutely no desire to swap them out for something else. There is truly a synergy with this system that shall not be disrupted. Everytime I fire it up and start playing music I still experience that "ahhh" factor.
..AMEN preach the truth..and I can't agree more.
I for one have owned a lot of Krell equipment and must say I do love it. Do I think it is the best out their. NO but pretty dam close. All I can say is buy what you can afford. Cause let's face it, Krell equipment does not come cheap. Nor does any of those other brands out their. This is why I buy second hand Krell equipment. It may not be brand new when I buy it, but I save thousands of dollars and still have one beautiful sounding stero equipment for half the price. I just picked up a FPB 400 CX and now I am looking for the KCT pre-amp to go with it. I'm sure it's going to sound fantastic like all my other Krell equipment in the past.
Dancer: the combination of the KCY and 400cx is an optimal one and you will be pleased with the results. Please let us know how this turns out when you have the system in place.