Anyone heard the LKS /Musetec MH DA005?

I'm considering spending between 2k and 5k for a dac upgrade. I currently have the LKS MH DA004 and am very happy with it. I'm curious about the new Musetec MH DA005 and the Holo Audio May, which is getting a lot of praise and reviews. Not much commentary on the Musetec MH DA005 except for excellent posts by SNS both here and in a thread on Head-fi . on Head-Fi.

Other Dac suggestions welcome.
I found on some recordings the DA004 virtually captured the same vinyl sound as I was hearing off the lp of the same music. Naturally I am convinced the 005 would be an even greater improvement. Still I am very curious about the Holo May, but more bucks and a longer wait.
Yes. Thak you. I discovered that thread and made some comments. I ordered the 005 yesterday over the May as a cheaper option possibly without necessarily compromising on sound quality. I'll report back when I receive it after some break in. I liked my 004 enough to believe I wouldn't be disappointed even though I might never read a review that compares it to the May or know what if anything I have missed (other than 2K) over the May.